Review: Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

“Sierra Burgess is a Loser” is a Netflix original movie that pertains to the modern era of teen comedy. It is a movie that satisfies the slumber party, want to watch a great romantic movie.

The story or plot line is written by Lindsey Beer. Produced by Thad Luckinbill. The movie showed on Netflix for the first time on Friday, September 7.

Sierra, played by Shannon Purser, is a smart, young, unpopular girl who wants to go to college at Stanford University. She also isn’t portrayed as the “traditional” standards of beauty, but her personality is full of humor and charm. As the story goes on she learns to stand up for herself and learns to be comfortable in her own skin. She is portrayed as a role model for “misfits”. Popular mean girl Veronica is played by Kristine Froseth. Veronica tries everyday to make Sierra’s life terrible and miserable. She makes rude remarks and cruel taunts. Another important character is Noah Centineo, who plays the roll of Jamey. Jamey is a cute, handsome, and sweet football player from another school who meets both of the girls.

In the story of the movie, Veronica is at a restaurant with one of her friends, when Jamey and a group of his friends come in. Jamey notices Veronica right away. She notices him and his friends and assumes he is a loser and she doesn’t find him attractive or cool because of his friends he has with him. Jamey soon works up the courage to talk to Veronica, who he finds intimidating. He then asks her for her number. Veronica then gives him Sierra’s number to make a joke.

Eventually, he texts Sierra, thinking it is Veronica. She then texts him back night after night. However, she quickly runs in to a problem: he wants to see the girl he is texting. Sierra gets very nervous and doesn’t want to tell him who he is really talking to. She is scared that he won’t like her for her. Sierra is nervous because he is thinking he will see Veronica, who is way more popular than she is.

To keep her secret Sierra trades tutoring Veronica for having Veronica go on a date with Jamey. Veronica wants to be smarter for a boy she likes and dated, who is in college. Jamey wants to see Veronica when his school plays hers. They both carry this plan out for several dates, before Jamey finds out. They go out to dinner while Veronica wears an earpiece having Sierra on the other end to tell her what to say.

Finally, Veronica starts falling for Jamey and things become very bad in the new friendship. Veronica kisses Jamey while Sierra was watching. Sierra becomes jealous and sends out a mass text to everyone in the school about Veronica. Veronica tells Jamey everything that has been going on and how Sierra and Veronica have been catfishing him.

At the end, after all of the problems, schemes, and heartache, Jamey doesn’t care that Sierra may not be the prettiest, the most unpopular, or the skinniest. He just cares about the person he talked to on the phone all those nights. He cares about Sierra. He forgives both the girls for all that they did, because of a song that Sierra wrote to both him and Veronica. Sierra then goes to her senior prom with the boy of her dreams.

“I liked the story line and the message behind it. How Sierra overcame the stereotype everyone made for her. I also liked how throughout the movie Sierra and Veronica gained a new friendship with one another,” said Jassie Kaur.

“I thought the movie was ridiculous, because Sierra was catfishing Jamey. Then when he found out, he was totally okay with it and forgave her right away,” said Elizabeth Heilbrun.

“I thought the movie was pretty good. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was very neat how two totally different girls became best friends without even seeing it. I also thought some of the scenes were very neat and crazy how they pulled some of their tricks off,” said Anaie Ayala.