Activity Spotlight: Matt Eckerberg

Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

BP: What activities are you involved in?

Matt: I am in one act and band and that’s it right now, I think.

BP: What is your favorite activity?

Matt: My favorite is band.

BP: What is your weapon of choice for a zombie apocalypse?

Matt: A shotgun because that’s what I always use in video games with zombies. Everyone knows you got to go for the brains with zombies and with a shotgun you can just blow their brains out.

BP: What are your plans after high school?

Matt: To go to UNL and major in film and minor in music performance.

BP: What is the thing you’re going to miss most after you graduate?

Matt: Seeing random people in the hallways like the people you don’t really get to talk to that much. The people that you’re not good enough friends with to stay in contact with, but you still love talking to them.

BP: What is your funniest friend or family story?

Matt: Last year at all-state we were walking around Lincoln and it was pretty late and dark. We were all trying to make animal sounds, for whatever reason. Dani just, like out of nowhere, since Dani is usually very quiet goes, “That’s not what a goose makes” and then she makes this high pitched, super loud, like shriek. We were like, “what was that.” and she says “I’ll do it again” and she does it even louder and higher pitched like *yelling noise*. It was amazing and we died laughing.

BP: Would you rather give up music or video games?

Matt: I would go without listening to music.

BP: Who or what is your motivation and why?

Matt: My motivation is to do the things I want to do and make an impact on something. To be known.

BP: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Matt: One time at church we were having a going away party for someone in Colorado. I was walking around the church while they were doing all the pre-dinner stuff, but they were giving announcements and I was just walking around. Apparently, they said they were going to have the family, that was leaving, come up to get food first. I just saw that people were going up to get in line for food so I just walked out and grabbed a doughnut. I had it halfway up to my mouth and then I just heard, “Matt, what are you doing?”. I looked up and the entire family was just standing and staring at me; the whole room was staring at me too. I so I think I just took the doughnut and just ran away. I was about nine.

BP: If you were a superhero, what would your signature catchphrase be?

Matt: Holy crap!