Academic Spotlight: Riley Schilz

Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

BP: What’s your favorite class and why?

Riley: Business law because you get to learn about the law. You get to watch stories and then you get to take a trip to New York.

BP: When is the New York trip?

Riley: It’s at the end of June.

BP:What activities are you involved in?

Riley: I am in basketball and track

BP: What are some of your stress relievers?

Riley: I like playing basketball and hanging out with friends to help relieve stress.

BP: How do you maintain your grades?

Riley: I study and do all my work.

BP: What’s your funniest friend or family story?

Riley: It’d probably be when Kyle (Schroeder) broke a hanging chair at my friend’s house and fell on the ground.

BP: What are your plans after you graduate?

Riley: I would like to play basketball at a four year college or community college, but if that doesn’t work I’ll probably go to UNL.

BP: What is the one thing you will miss most after graduation?

Riley: Probably seeing all my friends every day.

BP: What NBA team do you support?

Riley: The Oklahoma City Thunder

BP: What NFL team do you support?

Riley: The Kansas City Chiefs

BP: Would you rather have no hands or no feet and why?

Riley: No feet because I do more things with my hands than my feet.

BP: Who or what is your motivation and why?

Riley: My parents are probably my motivation because they push me to do better. They keep me going and push me to get good grades.

BP: If you could say anything as your senior quote, what would it be?

Riley: Work hard to accomplish what you want to accomplish.