Mock Trial heads to state!


Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

Mock Trial is an NSAA sanctioned competitive event where two teams prepare both sides of the same case. There can be six to eight members on each team, four of which are attorneys and the other four are witnesses. The attorneys must practice arguing their side of the case, preparing questions both for and against two of the witnesses. Attorneys must also prepare either a closing argument or an opening statement that gives the evidence of the case. They should also be aware of objections and how to respond appropriately to them. Witnesses must know their deposition (what they said during an interview) front to back. They must become their characters and are expected to be that person and know all of their information during their direct examinations(where the attorney is on your side) and cross examinations(where the attorney is against you and on the other team).

In Gering, we have two mock trial teams that we call blue and gold. The blue team consists of seven people: Jaela Hardin, Spencer Lenoir, Ava Marez, Logan Moravec, Adam Flowers and Olivia Longmore. The gold team has eight, including Jerrod Beamon, Mathew Boleman, Tukker Romey, Mary Newman, Lucas Moravec, Brandon Panatoni, Paige Schneider and Nathan Vanann. Both teams competed in districts here in Gering at the courthouse. Logan Moravec said, “There’s only one division so varsity and junior varsity compete against each other. There are two Gering teams, but only one team, the one that wins districts, gets to go to state”. The tournament is single elimination and both teams made it to the second round which determines who will be in finals. After a hard second round for both teams, gold team lost to Scottsbluff while blue narrowly advanced into finals. The winner of this round decided the qualifier for state, with a unanimous vote blue team won and has the honor of going to state for the second consecutive year.

Ava Marez said, “I have been in mock trial for three years and have gone to state 2 back to back years. I like mock trial because it’s different every year; the case and team change every year. It keeps things interesting.” unfortunately, this is her last year for this senior witness. When asked how well she thought the team would do, she said “We’re good! If we do as well as we can, we could have a shot at nationals this year!”

Since the blue team has experience at state, we asked who the hardest team was that they would go up against. Adam said, “Sidney is the hardest team at the district level, but at state it’s Creighton Prep.” Logan was also asked and says that, “It’s Creighton Prep, we’re going up against them again this year, but we’re going to win. We went up against them first at state last year, they won and we took fourth, but we’re confident this year so we’re going to win”. Looks like either way, it has been a fantastic season this year for he mock trial teams.