One Act prepares for first performance


Adam Flowers, Staff Reporter

As the One Act team’s first competition approaches soon, they have been working hard on their production of “Candide.”

  “One Act is a show that is performed within the timespan of 30 minutes and you compete against other schools.” Senior McKenna Hackett said. This is her third year being involved with the One Act team.

  This year’s One Act is an adapted version of a novel, written by the French philosopher, Voltaire. The story is a comedy that entails the trials and tribulations of the protagonist, Candide, who travels around the world and experiences an earthquake, a tsunami and a fire all simultaneously, a war that he was drafted into last minute and separation from his love interest, Cunegonde, in which they reunite in the end. The whole story parades the notion that everything happens for a reason and everything will all be fine in the end.

  “To prepare for competition, we have really tightened down our rehearsals and worked on the weak spots in the show,” Hackett said. “We’ve also been tweaking and improving wherever we can to make sure we put on our best performance as possible.”

  One Act coach Jenn Dillinger says the team has been working incredibly hard.

  “This is the first year that Gering One Act has chosen a comedy, so we’ve been working on a different sort of production than we have in the past,” Dillinger said. “It requires a focus on a different type of acting, a different sort of set, and a ton of ridiculous props and costumes.”

  The students are hoping to do well at their Western Conference tournament.

  “For our first performance, I hope we take the title, but I also look forward to hearing critiques from the judges and other schools to make our show better for future competitions.” Hackett said.

  Their first performance is on November 10 at the Scottsbluff High School. The team will go against other teams in the Panhandle. They also perform in Kearney on November 17, as well as their Dinner Theatre at the Gering High School on November 20. They will attend the District Competition in Sidney on November 30.