Campbell to be NSHSS Ambassador


Paige Schneider, Staff Reporter

Martika Campbell, a junior at Gering high school, was chosen as the Gering communities Ambassador. An NSHSS Ambassador is someone who represents the community as a person and who tries to improve it and to make it more functional. They do their best to try and help the community and the people in it. Ambassadors are responsible for organizing local community service projects, informing other students of the program, and promoting NSHSS on social media. Each community only gets one Ambassador, and they are located all over the world in places like India, Puerto Rico and Canada. They all coordinate and help spread awareness of the NSHSS program and help each other better the world around them.

To become an Ambassador, Martika had to first become a member of NSHSS, which is a scholar society for high school students. She didn’t seek out the society, they instead sent her a letter saying she was a match as to what they were looking for, and so she became a member. After being in the NSHSS society for a month, she was sent an invitation saying that she was one of the top ten in her class, and therefore was qualified to become an Ambassador. The fact that she has over 700 hours volunteering in places like the local soup kitchen made her a great candidate. She said yes, and was given an application. Cambell had to wait three weeks to hear back from NSHSS after she turned in her application. She said the process was stressful and nerve-wracking,especially because she received the news of her acceptance a week late. Only 1,137 people got to be in out of the 20 thousand that applied.

Campbell’s main focus within her community is bullying and poverty. She hates to see people being treated wrongly and knows that that exists within the school. This is what inspired her to take on the role of Ambassador in the first place. She plans to start small and tackle the school’s problems before she moves on to better her community. She wishes to make the community thrive more, saying that, “Most people want out of here, and I want that to change.”