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Midterm Elections: Will you be voting?

Jenna Balthazor, Staff Reporter

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Half way through every presidential election, there are the midterms elections. In these elections America votes for new Senators and Governors of the states. This year in Nebraska, Pete Ricketts will be running for his second term as governor as a republican, and Bob Krist will be running against him as democrat. Both Ricketts and Krist ran against each other last year and will be competing once again this year. If you are 18 or older and are a registered republican or democrat you are able to vote in the midterm elections. Independents are not allowed to vote in these elections because the people running are always republican or democrat. You need to get out and vote because it is your right and your civic duty to vote. People fought for your right and privilege to vote and you need to take advantage of it. Many immigrants and other people from marginalized groups do not get the opportunity to vote, so if you do have that privilege you need to exercise it for those that can not. Many of the things that you will be voting for directly affect the lives of those around you, including the environment, college students, and much more. Voting for the person that will represent your state is in fact something to stress about. Most polls are predicting a complete democrat take over all through the government. This is nothing to worry about. Usually whatever party the president is, the midterms turn out to be the opposite, so that there is no party with too much control. Because we have a republican in office as our president, the democrats are predicted to take over for the 2019-2020 year. I suspect Bob Krist to win the governor election due to the type of job that Pete Ricketts has done this year. As a republican I have many beliefs in the way the government should be ran, and by whom. But Ricketts is no fit for the government. He focuses too much on things that are not as important as giving back to Nebraska. Krist has all of the right ideas, so I believe that he should have the chance to prove himself in office, and yes, I do know that he is a democrat. For all of you that do have the chance to vote in this midterm election on November, 6th, get out and do it. It takes little time do vote, and makes a big difference.

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Midterm Elections: Will you be voting?