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Books or movies: Which ones are better?

Abby Madden, Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

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Many people have the big debate on which is better Books or Movies. Many will argue till the very last word, but in my opinion movies are better than books.

For many several different reasons movies are better. When a new movie comes out or a movie you haven’t seen before you are most excited to see the story and want to know what happens right away. Movies allow people to do that. They allow people to experience the story much quicker with less effort put in and provides an already picture to what is happening.

Visually movies are more appealing to our eyes, we as people like to look at new things constantly and cannot stop looking. To many people a page of words can get very boring and appeal dull, causing them to be distant from what the story is telling them. Movies are also more accessible to a larger group of people than books are.

Movies also have sound effects to tell the viewers what is going on. It plays bad scary music when something bad is going to happen or when the villain is entering the scene. It plays good, up beat music when something great is going on, or when the hero enters the scene. Movies also allow viewers to remember them better by adding in this music or sound effects.

Movies also provide very detailed special effects. This allows viewers to see what their limited imaginations can’t while in the story. When reading minds usually want to picture the events logically, while in a movie, it can provide out of the ordinary pictures right in front of you.

Previews are also a prime example why movies are better than books. Previews allows viewers to see a little sneak peak on what the movie is about, how the story line thickens, the actors in the movie, and the music involved in the movie. When previews are on the TV at home, viewers tend to go out to a movie theater and watch those movies they are interested in. Also, while at the movie theater, you also have the option of going there early and see previews over the newest movies coming out and learn more about them.

Also at the movies there are concessions. Popcorn, candy, pop, and so much more. Yes, I know that you can have all these things while reading a book, but it is also very difficult to stuff your face with popcorn and hold a book at the same time.

For these many different reasons I believe movies are better than books.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads, lives only one.” by George RR Martin. Everyone has cravings to see places or experience things that we simply won’t be able to. While movies show us exactly how things happen, they do not allow us to truly place ourselves in the character’s situation. We are never fully engulfed in it because all of our creativity is stripped away when all the plot lines, scenes, and dialogues are written in stone. There is only a small amount of wiggle room for your mind to make connections or interpret how a character acts or why he acts this way.

There are key details that you may be missing within the text that you cannot communicate through a movie. While some movies narrate a character’s thought, most, if not all books take you along for that journey. Knowing the character’s thought process and reasonings creates a picture you can only imagine if you had gone through it with him. I like to compare a chapter in a book to an episode of a television series. It is much easier to be drawn to the characters if you can journey through their lives day by day and see exactly how each of their experiences define them.

Another reason, is that a book takes longer. Many people will read this and say, “yes it takes longer which is exactly why I would rather watch a movie” however that isn’t necessarily true. You can read a few chapters in a book using the same time frame it would take to sit through a film. Unless there was a traumatic experience, life rarely happens in short bursts of an hour or two. Walking alongside a character for more than just an hour helps build a relationship and understanding. Most people, myself included, don’t have time to carve out an entire day to read a book. Yet just like watching a television series, you can spread the story out. By spreading out the story, you come to be involved and invested in the character’s life. You simply cannot receive that in a short one-time hour and a half period. You can catch glimpses, of course, and possibly even powerful scenarios. However, you never get the true enhanced senses and experience that comes from reading the book firsthand.

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Books or movies: Which ones are better?