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Cat bandit

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My dogs are very active so when I fall asleep they are usually still wandering around the house. When I wake up in the morning, I know that my dog will be fast asleep in their bed on the floor. We as pet owners usually fall asleep knowing that our pet may get up to patrol the house in the middle of the night. Some owners have doggie doors so that the animals can go relieve themselves without waking their humans. One crazy cat in the United Kingdom took this freedom to the extreme and came home with an interesting package in claw.

According to “Cat Finds Bag of ‘Cocaine and Heroin’ and Brings it Home”, the cat had obtained the substances on Sunday night and slept there with the bag. I cannot imagine waking up on Monday morning and seeing my little bundle of joy sleeping with a bag of cocaine capsules. The owners called authorities and were not charged with obtaining illegal substances. In fact, a picture was tweeted by the police department of the illegal substances with the caption “Look what the cat dragged in”. The picture shows multiple pill casings with hundred of dollars worth of “ class A drugs” Likely, somewhere a dealer did not receive any buy money from this furry feline customer.

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Cat bandit