Trends of the fall season


Abby Madden, Staff Reporter

It is now the month of October and everyone knows what that means. It means it is finally fall, the season where everything is changing.

The leaves are changing colors and shapes, the air is becoming cooler and crisper, and people’s homes are getting decorated. Beyond all the nature changes, there are also changes in the style and the trends.

When thinking about fall most people think of pumpkins and its colors. Pumpkin anything. Whether it would be a pumpkin scented Yankee Candle, a pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin smelling perfume or even a simple pumpkin to carve when approaching Halloween.

When fall begins many businesses bring out their fall products, such as a pumpkin spice latte or any type of coffee drink involving pumpkin, fall spices, or they bring out apple cider.

In grocery stores they bring out other foods that companies bring out only in the fall,  in particular there are pumpkin spice Twinkies, pumpkin Oreos, and even pumpkin cereal.

In style, the whole wardrobe changes. Everything from jeans, to shirts, to jackets, to shoes and even accessories. In the world of fashion this fall it is all about ripped skinny jeans. Everyone including men are wearing these bleach colored jeans.

Adding to the jeans lots of people are wearing colored pants. Colors including maroon, white, tan, black, and green.

Another popular choice for clothes with both boys and girls are the Adidas classic black and white joggers.  These sweats are worn in and outside of the house and are very stylish.

When it comes to tops the fall style is flannel shirts, whether it is wearing it around your waist or even over your shoulder it is still a quick and stylish choice.

Also in tops everybody is loving long sleeves shirts with big flowy sleeves. This look is all around and easy to wear. Cropped sweaters are also very in style right now and they are also worn by many.

This spooky season is full of new styles and trends. Are you part of them?