U.S. Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse Scandal

Olivia Longmore, Staff Reporter

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Over 300 attackers and 1,000 documented victims

Throughout history, there have been many children molestation accusations against priests and other religious leaders. Recently, there have been more victims emerging thus spurring on investigations. For the most part, the abuse is contained to members of the Catholic Church along the east coast of the United States. However, the scandal launched other states to make their own inquiries about what was happening inside the church, thus the states began their own investigations. According to CNN.com “Catholic Clergy sex abuse investigations”, there have been more than 300 priests “credibly accused” of being sexually abusive towards young children. The report states that there have been over 1000 victims in 7 decades file charges in regards to Catholic church officials.

According to Vox.com inThe decades-old Catholic priest child sex abuse crisis”, reports revealed members of the church clergy were covering up the scandals. The article says that the church’s system to remove the members accused of harassment was to move them to a different position within the church, simply more out of the spotlight. These priests were still in close contact with children, but it was a new setting so the public didn’t notice. This was widespread throughout the country making the undercover operation even tougher to track down and put an end to it.

The abuse not only attacks children and minors but older men and women as well. There is a surplus of individuals with stories of suicide attempts and successes. We do not know how long and how deep this crisis runs through America, but according to the most recent diagnostics over the situation more than 300 attackers, 1000 victims, and 1,400 pages of documented reports have been collected over the many years of torture. Allegations have been emerging and subsiding throughout the years. Vox.com talks about the church saying that the “the institution… has repeatedly chosen secrecy and bureaucracy over transparency and accountability” meaning that instead of owning up to their mistakes they continue to lie and pursue it further. Efforts are being taken in over 8 states to find how deep the trail of abuse lies. CNN.com reports that the Pope recently spoke about the issue, but so far no efforts have been made by the Vatican in the victim’s regards.