Academic Spotlight: Senior Grace Larson

Paige Schneider, Staff Reporter

Grace Larson is a senior at Gering High School with an outstanding academic performance in her workplace writing class.

Larson said her motivation is her love for literature, and just how interested she is in English itself. She loves to learn, which makes English class especially fun, but she said she isn’t particularly fond of homework.

“It’s got its ups and downs,” she said. “You can learn something and influence other people. It’s bad because it’s homework.”

According to Larson’s teacher, Mrs. Moser, Grace always gives 120 percent on her assignments and never complains.

“Grace is endlessly driven,” Mrs. Moser said. “She is a quiet leader, one who could easily sink into the background but never will due to her exemplary presence as a student. Grace is the kind of leader that we should all strive to be!”

Larson said she partially agrees with this statement, that she can be a leader at times, but follows on occasion.

Larson is involved in book club and art club. She said art club is her favorite because she loves creating.

Larson said that her main influence is Mr. Hurley. He gave her a lot of ideas in class last year.

“He gave me a lot of ideas,” she said. “He pushed our class to write more than we thought we could.”

She plans on going to college at either SCC or WNCC in the future, and she has her sights set on becoming a Special Ed Teacher. Her mother works in this field. Larson said she sees her mother as a role model and, draws her inspiration from her. Larson loves working with special needs kids and especially loves little kids.

Larson said she maintains her grades and plans to continue doing so, by going to teachers for help when she doesn’t understand something. She overcomes obstacles by getting help when needed and tackling her problems on her own when possible.

She said her motto is to follow your heart.

“Just go for it. If you like it, you should do it. Don’t give into peer pressure and don’t follow the crowd.”