Construction of the new building progresses


Jenna Balthazor, Staff Reporter

As of the first of March, Gering High School is planning on beginning the renovations for the construction on GHS. The school has already cleared out all of the chemicals in the maintenance tunnels so that they can get right on track with the construction.

The district is already ahead of schedule with this process and has begun the bidding process. The official bidding will be on February 13th when the district will decide what is going to happen with the process.

Gering has been wanting to update a lot of things in the school, and the school itself for a long time now. This update will help everyone in every department of the district. The students will get a very up to date school as well as the teachers. They will also get a much more secure building with there being only one main entrance to get in through.

Athletes will benefit with a new gym that they will be able to practice in as well as completely remodeled locker rooms. And performing arts will benefit by getting a safer and updated auditorium to practice and perform in.

“The architects have just delivered a 70 percent completed drawing to the contractors. It will be sent out to several contractors for them to bid this, and there will be several alternatives as well ,” Gering High School principal, Eldon Hubbard said. The bidding will be the start of the construction.

At the bidding they will decide what they want to take out in put into the drawings, and will come up with a certain plan as to which they would like to follow.

Once the bidding is complete, the contractors will begin constructing in front of the gym. They are hoping to start the construction in late March of this year. They will be making the new commons, kitchen, cafeteria, and front office.

The building will be a one door entrance building to help increase security and make GHS a more secure school. While the gym doors are under construction there will be several different entrances that we will have to use for games and for other events that occur at the school.

“There will be a construction fence from the front doors all the way across the front of the gym,” Hubbard said. “They are going to pour a sidewalk down and we are going to use a couple of doors in the cafeteria for a main entrance.”

In the summer of 2019 there will also be accommodations that will have to be made for use in the gym and the weight room. The new auxiliary gym is going to be built behind the locker rooms and there will be four new locker rooms added.

“Getting the Freshman up to the high school is going to be one of the best things about this project,” Hubbard said. Also rebuilding the library and making it more central is going to be a really big part as well.

“As well as both of those things, a new commons is going to make it a much more enjoyable place to hangout and hopefully an awesome place to attend school,” Hubbard said. The construction will be completely done by August 1, 2019.