EMR and EMT classes becoming big hits at GHS


Adam Flowers, Staff Reporter

  The Gering High School is in partnership with WNCC, bringing us two new courses for those interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.

  The EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) and EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) are two classes offered through the college. Nick Flowers teaches the EMR class while Nathan Flowers teaches the EMT class.

  “This year, there are eight students in the EMT class and 15 in the EMR class,” Nathan Flowers said. “In the EMT class, it’s a nationally recognized course that is designed to prepare a student to work as an EMT in the field. Some topics covered [in the class] are legal issues in emergency medicine, delivering a baby and taking care of traumatic injuries.”

  The EMR class is a national curriculum designed to help people that want to respond to emergency, but do not want to go further in depth with their EMR. Flowers has been teaching for six years, while his brother Nick Flowers has been teaching for two.

  “I saw [the class] as a way to jump start my career in the medical field,” past student Dawson Johns said. “I really liked working together with everybody to basically save someone.”

  Many of the students that take the class really enjoy it, as they take it as an opportunity to assist with what they want to do in the medical career in their future years.

  “I’ve always wanted to go in the medical field and I thought it would be a good experience to have that knowledge.” student Savannah Flowers said.
  WNCC has teamed with Gering High School to offer the courses as a dual credit.

  “We offer those to local high schools as well as local communities, like fire departments in our county. Right now, the EMT class is offered at the WNCC main campus, online and at the Gering High School. The EMR class is also being offered for high school students at Gering and in Morrill High School.” Flowers said.

  To take both of the classes, you must have a CPR card, which is a prerequisite for any of the emergency medical courses. Although, if a student cannot obtain that, the instructors work with that student at the very beginning of the course to obtain certification. To take either of those class, you also must be a junior or senior.

  “As an EMR, EMRs reflect a lot on people that work in industry, people that work in, like a law enforcement or as a fireman,” Flowers said. “It also allows almost an entry level into the emergency medicine. EMT is the training that is expected to work in an ambulance, to work in a fire service, or to work in a hospital.”