HOSA gears up for their first year in competitive events


Sydny Ridgeway, Website Editor


   HOSA, a new club for Gering, is finally in full swing. They are preparing for their state competition, fundraising, and are even organizing a school-wide blood drive.

  The HOSA group will be traveling to state on March 19 to compete in multiple events involving health professions. The events range from emergency health care to medical photography to medical math.

  The Gering chapter of HOSA was started by Pearl Johnson, who teaches biology and Janelle Schultz, who teaches medical terminology.

  “This organization allows more opportunities for personal growth, career exploration, hands on health science and leadership skill development,” Johnson said.

  The members and leaders started talking about events and how to prepare for them early in the school year. They recently started really picking events and practicing what they are going to do at their first competition.

  “I will be participating in CPR and medical terminology,” Dawson Johns, president of HOSA, said. “I’ve really been working on my emergency medicine skills.”

  Many of these students have taken classes that will go hand-in-hand with their areas of competition. These classes include EMR, EMT and medical terminology. The other events will need to be prepared for in other ways such as studying and talking to medical professionals about their event.

  The state competition requires certain attire and materials in order to compete. As it is the team’s first year, they decided to fundraise to buy these things to jumpstart their chances.

   There is an opportunity for any member to make the national level competition. There will need to be more fundraising for this trip to nationals, which will take place in Dallas, Texas this year in June.

   Along with fundraising and preparing for their competition, the HOSA members are putting together a blood drive that is to take part in mid-March.

   “I want to take part in the blood drive because it’s such an easy way to help people who are in need within our own community,” Vice President, Ashley Maschmeier, said. “It’s a good feeling knowing that you helped to save several lives by taking 15 minutes to donate.”

  The majority of the HOSA members are looking forward to the blood drive for many different reasons.

  “Donating blood has always fascinated me because it may seem like a small gesture, but you’re really saving a life,” Johns said. “I am pretty excited.”

  This blood drive was originally organized by the Health Professions club, which has morphed into HOSA. Anybody wanting to participate will need to be at least 17 years old and weigh 115 pounds or more.