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Couse excels in Gering

Hayley Allen, Staff Reporter

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   She had been practicing eight months for a competition she knew would be a story worth telling. And there she sat, in a chair in front of the entire All-State Colorado competition.

    Dani Couse, a former student at Resurrection Christian School, had prepared for this night for a long time. Her grandparents, who played a significant role in her life and faith, sat anxiously in the audience watching Couse.

  And then the following day, Couse was pulled out of class not knowing why. She received the news that her grandfather had died of a fibrillation. This meaning his heart head stopped abruptly, increasing blood clotting in the arteries of the brain.

  Growing up, Couse had always wanted to be a musician for the New York Philharmonic Symphony, but after her grandfather’s death she realized that instead of playing music, she wanted to be a emergency nurse practitioner.

  She knew that being a nurse and having gone through a situation related to the emergency room, assisting others while comforting them was a passion worth fighting for.  

  A few months after the death of her grandfather,  Couse heard her father was getting a job in the state were she was born and where the countryside was her home.

  Nebraska became a comforting thought in a time where all she felt was sadness. The move to another state had begun. Putting down the moving boxes, aroused an opportunity to tour Scottsbluff High School. In her eyes, this large school felt odd compared to her former institution with 200 students.

  Then came the first day of school. Walking down the halls, students gave awkward faces and continued about their day.

  “In band practice, eyes looked over at me with hatred knowing that I was first chair at All-State and had played at Carnegie Hall. Nobody had talked to me on the first day. I had stayed for lunch that day, because I thought the people I had shadowed would invite me to sit with them,” Couse said. “Instead I sat at a table by myself and texted my mom the entire time. Later on, my mom picked me up and I bursted into tears.”

  For the remainder of the school semester, Couse’s mother drive for half an hour to eat lunch with her daughter.

  Couse had gone through fazes of depression, had panic attacks once a week, and hypoglycemia. She had continuously been getting sick and couldn’t bare the thought of going to school for the rest of the year.

   “To get me through the last few months of school, I would stop by my anatomy teacher’s room and talk to my teacher. He was like a mentor and would check up on me. It was comforting knowing that someone cared,” Couse said.

Couse’s anatomy teacher is another reason she has decided she’s like to go into the medical field.

  She would soon end up going on a trip with her youth group to CO and AZ, connecting more with God and building friendships through the church.

  After going to the Scottsbluff High School, Nebraska no longer felt like home. This changed after spending the two weeks with her youth group friends. Gering soon felt like a place to spend the rest of her life.

  “ Since it was more welcoming here at Gering, I felt like I was able to talk to my peers more easily,” Couse said. “The teachers care a lot about the students, which makes it a welcoming environment.”

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Couse excels in Gering