Mock Trial ready to begin season

Emma Fogle

   How dangerous can a video be? Seems harmless but for someone who has seizures, one video can be life threatening.  

    The 2017 Mock Trial season kicks off this week with a case that argues whether a SnappyGab video sent by Bentley Vanderfeller deliberately caused Jesse Kimball to have an epileptic seizure.

     Coach Andy Stobel said he is very excited for this season and looks forward to watching the new attorneys blossom.

   “It’s fun to the see the witnesses grow and mature,” Stobel said, “but I’m excited to see how the attorneys handle the challenges and doing all the jobs that they can’t practice. There is so much in a trial that is unexpected and that you can’t prepare for so watching them learn on their feet and handle those issues, I think will be fun.”

  Two teams will be competing for a chance at state this year.

    The Blue team consists of attorneys senior Charlie Helt, juniors Jaela Hardin and Logan Moravec. Senior Nellie Kirk, juniors Ava Marez, Salma Silva and sophomore Adam Flowers are witnesses for the case.

  The Gold team is comprised of attorneys senior Dylan Hickox, sophomores Emily Harrison and freshman Madison Walker and Jarrod Beamon. Juniors Spencer Lenoir, Brandon Panattoni and sophomores Tukker Romey and Matt Bohlman make up the witnesses.

   Stobel said the year promises to be interesting as there are only two returning attorneys while all of the witnesses have experience on the team.

    “In terms of experience, both the Blue and Gold teams are pretty equal,” Stobel said. “There really isn’t a Varsity or Junior Varsity team. We are going to let them challenge and push each other and we’ll see how things turn out.”

  Advancing to state is always a goal for the team, but it is especially high on the list of priorities for senior Charlie Helt who said advancing to state would mean the team had worked hard to do their part as a member of the team.

  “The few returning members we do have, have a fire in their bellies. They want to go to State, especially those seniors Nellie Kirk and Charlie Helt,” Stobel said. “They have just missed going to State in the past and they are ready to do whatever it takes to go to State.”

    Stobel said the new attorneys and witnesses are starting to understand what a big deal State Mock Trial is and he is excited to watch the teams come together.

 “I’m excited to see how they will motivate themselves and push themselves to be the best they can be,” he said. “Seeing them work hard and reach their goals is a lot of fun.”

  Practice time comes and goes in a flash every week as the countdown to competitions starts.

  “One concern I always have is time. It’s limited. We practice two nights a week and the kids are involved in other activities and some times people are gone. We have to make sure we maximize practice time and have students work outside practice time to get ready. In terms of personnel, talent and everything else we are in good shape.” Stobel said.