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North Korea potential big threat

Hayley Allen, Staff Reporter

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Shooting off many missiles in the past two months, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been trying to launch of major impact missiles into the air aiming for the United States along with Japan.

Kim Jong Un has shown the world just how powerful his Korean missiles are by showing how consistent the launches have become.

“Kim Jong Un attempting to launch a missile on the United States is very unwise. The United States has warned North Korea multiple times, so I think if North Korea launches a missile at America, action should be taken to necessary means” senior Dani Couse said.

The most recent bomb has shown the US that it could take range over most of the country. Leaving a shock greater than fifteen times the last nuclear bomb set off by North Korea over Hiroshima.  This threat has become a serious terror the United States along with other surrounding countries.

“By aiming one at the Chinese, he has already created an enemy with them, so now the United States could potentially have China on their side. This would be a huge asset to the Americans. Kim Jong Un is a wise leader, so he knows what could possibly happen if he does decide to launch a nuclear weapon, which would mean war” Couse said.

The newer weapons program set up by Jung Un has made it clear that they will seek no negotiation with other countries. Leaving other countries and the United Nations with restraining of Korea.

“The United States does have the power to shoot down a missile before it would hit the mainland, so, all in all, I think it would be simply be unwise for the North Koreans to launch a nuclear weapon. The U.S. would clearly retaliate due to what President Trump has said, and the result for North Korea could be catastrophic”, Couse said.

The main reason the United States is not attacking or making common threats with North Korea is mainly because aiming for a direct attack would declare war on the Korean Peninsula. Having the US continental border devastated.


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The Voice of Gering High School
North Korea potential big threat