Dares are about attitude, not aptitude

Dares are about attitude, not aptitude

Hayley Allen, Staff Reporter

Coming back for its second season, the hit comic book tv show ‘Riverdale’  will return for its second season on the CW on October 11, 2017. Fans from all around the country can’t wait to see what will happen to Archie and his father as they endure onto the dark side.

  Riverdale is the new drama tv show that takes a weird spin off of the comic books that revolves around the journey of Archie Andrews and a local murder mystery.

  ‘Riverdale’ is a stylized story that creates different dynamics and to viewers a frozen-in-time comic book story. Archie has very much changed from the comic books of being a jalopy red-headed to a friendly and mysterious boy. The original comic book series was developed in 1941 and has changed significantly through the past decades. The new show adds darker traits to each of the characters exploring the depths and secrets of their minds. The setting of this story is more gloomy and carries similar traits to ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘13 Reasons Why’.

  At the beginning of the show, Archie returns home from working with his dad at a construction site to finding out he is buried in several relationships that each go deeper than anyone expected. Archie gets involved with an older influence, which leads him to traveling down a road of despair and corruption.

  Meanwhile, a senior at ‘Riverdale’ along with his twin sister end up getting capsized in a boat. She ends up surviving the tragedy while her brother, Jason Blossom, is pursued as dead. The town goes back and forth in debating what really happened to him and if anyone was involved in the fall of Jason Blossom.

  ‘Riverdale’ shows two different ways of dealing with the tragedy. The Serpent way and the Blossom way. Each of these two sides ends up showing hatred towards one another and acting out in violence and terror.

    I would definitely recommend watching this show. It is very intense at parts but heart-warming in each episode. The roles for each of the characters are portrayed well with each of the cast members showing large amounts of diversity. Each episode shows a different direction to the story adding more and more charm to the case. I really enjoyed how each of the characters represent a social group in the common high school cliques. It kind of shows how each type of person would handle the murder in a different approach. This is definitely a show worth binge watching.